Influenza is a potentially serious respiratory disease that can lead to hospitalization and in some cases death. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently. Millions of people globally are infected with flu each year, and hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized and more than 10 thousand people die from flu-related causes every year. An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself against flu related viruses. The flu vaccinations have shown to have many benefits including reducing the risk of flu related illnesses.

How do Flu Vaccines work?

Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination was administered. These antibodies provide protection against infection with the viruses that are used to make the vaccine. The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season.

When should I get Vaccinated ?

You should get a flu vaccination before flu viruses begin spreading in your community so between April and May are preferred vaccination periods in or workplace since it takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection against flu.

Can Flu Vaccines help against the
Carona Virus ? 

NO. The flu vaccine is designed to prevent infections with influenza viruses, which are very different from that of the coronavirus. However the more people who are vaccinated against flu assist in the effort to help officials better respond to the outbreak of COVID-19

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