An Overview of Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa While the potential dangers to which some workers were exposed […]
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Responsible Person Crisis Management Training Certificate
With the development of the “Responsible Person Crisis Management Training Certificate,” it gives businesses and their employees to deal with […]
IMPIMED | Viral Infection | COVID-19
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Occupational Medical and the Law
“Do we have to do it?” YES! “The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 applies to everyone in […]
Noise Pollution
Excessive noise levels over a long period of time will damage your hearing. This may happen so gradually and painlessly […]
Stress – Effecting Productivity at work
Stress – Affecting Productivity at Work. We all experience it at some point. Some more than others, and some more […]
Employee Medicals
Employee Medicals have the potential to benefit both employees and the organisations they work for: They offer lasting benefits to […]
Sickness in South Africa’s workforce is responsible for losses to our economy totalling billions every year. That said, the costly […]
Occupational Medicals Are Important for Several Reasons
Each year, the South African economy is robbed of billions as a result of absenteeism in the workplace. While a […]